Top Stories: Understanding Dallas’ New Housing Policy; Arlington’s Failed Amazon Bid


The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

Dallas’ first comprehensive housing policy is designed to encourage development of affordable housing, and disrupt patterns of segregation and gentrification. As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away project, Eric Aasen talks to Stephanie Kuo and Courtney Collins about what this plan hopes to accomplish, and why critics say it’s not enough.

Other stories this evening:

The city of Arlington says it’s "no longer moving forward" in the competition to become Amazon’s second headquarters, and released details of its incentive package. Arlington’s pitch was included in the proposal for the Dallas-Fort Worth region, which included many area sites. The city says it "remains very supportive" of the region’s ongoing effort to land the headquarters.
The goal of China’s One Belt, One Road initiative is to create a land route from the country to Europe. This plan would do more than just make travel more efficient, though. Elizabeth Economy is director for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, and today on Think, she talked with Krys Boyd about how this project could boost China’s influence on the world.

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