Dallas Forecast: Mostly Cloudy Skies As Temperatures Rise

DALLAS, TX — Temperatures are on the upswing as springtime weather works its way into the Metroplex, but sunny skies aren’t likely this weekend. The Dallas Forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies into Sunday, despite low chances of rain.

You might have to turn on your air conditioner this week, as temperatures are slated to reach a balmy 80 degrees Saturday. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and enjoying the warm day — even though the sun will probably remain hidden.

Temperatures are slated to drop back into the low 60s for the early part of next week, so spring-breakers venturing outside will want to bring a light jacket — especially at night.

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Today, mostly cloudy starting this evening.


Thursday March 8

Mostly cloudy until evening. High 68, low 44.

Chance of precipitation: 17%. Wind 8 mph from the S

Friday March 9

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 73, low 53.

Chance of precipitation: 17%. Wind 13 mph from the SSW

Saturday March 10

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 80, low 59.

Chance of precipitation: 38%. Wind 7 mph from the S

Sunday March 11

Overcast throughout the day. High 71, low 57.

Chance of precipitation: 9%. Wind 11 mph from the NNE

Data provided by darksky.net.

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